N.E.I.G.B. is a non profit educational in collaboration with the Evangelical Synod under the Lebanese Law section number 1034 established in 21/4/1959.

Policy Statement - students applying to our school are accepted on the basis of their qualifications regardless of religion, sex or national origin.

Requirements for admission - for purposes of admission and selection, a student must:

  1. Pass an entrance exam.
  2. Submit all documents necessary for a complete folder.
  3. Pay the registration fees required.

Applicant Folder - a candidate’s folder should include: 

1.  KG1, KG2, KG3:

  1. An application for admission.
  2. A recent original civil status (اخراج قيد) or a certified copy.
  3. Four new colored passport size photographs for KG1 students.
  4. Three new colored passport size photographs for KG2 and KG3
  5. A school certificate that is confirmed/approved by the Ministry of Education for KG2 and KG3 students
  6. Age requirement for KG1 - three full years

2.  Elementary, Intermediate,  Secondary classes ,and Foreign Program

  1. An application for admission.
  2. A recent original civil status (اخراج قيد) or a certified copy.
  3. A passport size photograph.
  4. A certificate of success for the last academic year approved by the Ministry of Education.
  5. A report of the applicant’s grades for the last two years of schooling.
  6. A certified official grades of Brevet for Secondary Classes.
  7. Grades of the past 3 years are needed to get  an equivalence of the certificate and Exemption of studying Arabic of success for Foreign students only  (This equivalence is granted by the committee at UNESCO).

Registration Steps:

A special registration guide will be distributed to students in due time to set the exact dates of the following registration steps:

  • Lower Elementary New Students 
  • Applications delivered to Lower Elementary and payment of application fees (End of February)
  • Return of filled applications and dates set for interviews for lower elementary students (One week after delivering the application)
  • Interviews for Lower Elementary students held (March)
  • Payment of deposit and registration of accepted children (March)

Other New Students

  • Applications taken and applied fees paid
  • Entrance exams
  • Registration deposit paid by accepted students

Old Students 

  • Registration Deposit paid (May for the coming school year) 
  • Registration Fees and Deposits 

New Students:

Application fees for Happiness: 25000 L.L.

Application and entrance exam fees: 75,000 L.L., paid when first applying to school. (These fees are not refundable)

For accepted students only, the following are the required registration fees:

A registration deposit of  300,000 L.L. from every accepted student

A bus deposit of 200,000 L.L. for students who want to use the school bus

A development fee of 130,000 L.L.

Price of a pair of smocks (for KG1, KG2, or KG3) 60,000 L.L.

Old Students:

300,000 L.L. as a registration deposit.

200,000 L.L. as a bus deposit for school bus users only

*The attention of students is to be drawn to the following: 

Registration deposit for a coming school year is only accepted from students who completed their payment obligations of the current school year.

Registration deposit is usually deducted from the second installment of fee payments.

Registration deposit is personal and non-refundable except in the following cases:

If the student fails and wants to leave school - in this case a time limit is set by the school for the registration department refund.

If the school asks the student to leave school.

Lebanese Program:

- KG1 & KG2: 3,600,000 L.L.

- KG3: 3,800,000 L.L

- Grade 1 to Grade 5: 4,600,000 L.L.

- Grade 6 to Grade 9: 5,350,000 L.L.

- Secondary I, II, III: 6,200,000 L.L.

- BT I & II & III (Accounting & Computer Sci.): 6,500,000 L.L.

N.B. Computer  fees are included

Foreign Program:

- Grade 2 to 5: 6,250,000 L.L.

- Grade 6 to 9: 7,150,000 L.L.

- Grade 10 to 12: 7,800,000 L.L.

Bus Fees:

Inside Saida: 650,000 L.L.

Outside Saida: 750,000 L.L.

Payment of Fees:

  • School tuition fees are paid in three installments - August, December, and March.
  • Bus fees are paid in two installments - August and December.
  • Registration deposit of both tuition and bus are deducted from the Second invoice.

After receiving the fees memo to pay from the registration office at school, payments are done in one of the following banks: 

  • Bank Beirut

Financial Aids to Students:

A. School Assistance 

  • Teachers, employees and laborers (children discounts)
  • Protestant scholarships
  • School financial aids
  • Honor students scholarships

B. Other Scholarship Grants 

  • Alumni scholarships
  • Lebanese Ladies Cultural Society grants


Terms and Conditions

Admission Criteria

Kindergarten students must meet the skills and age level assigned for every grade level.

Elementary – Secondary students should have been previously enrolled in another school and must sit for an entrance exam.

Passing Criteria:

KG – Grade 3

Students are assessed according to the skills should have acquired. We do not fail students in these classes. If a student proves to have learning disabilities that cannot be treated in our school, a specialist and a therapist report is issued. If it seen in the student's best benefit than he/she is asked to transfer to a school that is specialized in this domain.

Grade 4 - 3rd Secondary and Foreign System

Academically students must obtain a minimum general average of 65. Nevertheless, students of N.E.I.G.B. school are not only promoted according to their academic performance but also based on their behavioral performance throughout the scholastic year.

  1. Students must meet the following behavioral criteria:
  2. Accepts and tolerates others regardless of their ethnic, social, religious, cultural and political background.
  3. Shows respect to his/her fellow peers and all school staff members.
  4. Preserves school property at all times ( teaching material, furniture, equipment, etc..)
  5. Maintains a positive general attitude and physical appearance.
  6. Respects and adheres to the school rules and regulations.

The decision to pass or fail a student is taken by the school General Director after a meeting is held with the teachers and administrative staff that are in contact with the student on a daily basis. During this meeting the student's full profile is thoroughly studied.

The school reserves the right to excel a student at anytime during the academic year if and when the student has received all of the following:

  • 3 written warning
  • 1 suspension for single day
  • 2 suspensions for three days

A final meeting with the General Director, student and parents is held during which a final warning is signed.

(Arabic version)

Duties of the parents/ guardians

The objective of the school is attained by a full cooperation between the school and parents/ guardians in the upbringing of children and giving sound guidance. Parents should contact and visit the school to discuss with the  administration and teachers their views and opinions on some problems and to offer suggestions and  serious contributions to the parents’ committee. Therefore, parents have to:

  • Have an ongoing contact with the school, whether to communicate or have a follow up visit to their son (s)/ daughter (s)
  • Fulfill the financial rights of the school.
  • Contribute to the development of the school.
  • Inform their son/daughter about the value of the school and its role in establishing scientific and cultural committees, as well as the spreading of culture among generations.
  • Improve the image of the school in the community through their careers and social positions.
  • Compensate the school for any damage caused by the students.
  • Be on time to take their children if the latter don’t use the school bus.
  • Respond to the circulars sent with their children or issued by the school without delay.
  • Give notice to the school about the absence of their child/ children.
  • Send a report on the health status of their child and report any chronic diseases the student may have as well as diseases that would prevent him from various activities.
  • Give the school a clear and correct address and telephone number (land/mobile) and contact the administration for any amendment or change.
  • Follow up their children’s academic results and monitor them continuously.

Notes and Tips

General meetings of parents with teachers are announced by a circular sent to parents with the child and a copy is posted on the school internet site. Everything issued from the school like letters or ads can be obtained from the school site on the internet. Therefore, we advise you to visit the site because the message may not reach you through your child.

Parents are advised to contact administration by phone or through their e-mails which can be obtained from the school site.

It is recommended that parents follow up any message or note they send with their children through a phone call or an e-mail sent to school.

To meet with the head of department or with teachers:

  • There are two days allocated to meet with the heads of departments every week.
  • A definite hour/ week is allocated to meet with any teacher.
  • Please contact the head of department where your child is to set a date or to inquire about his / her behavior and academic performance.
  • To avoid any delay, it is preferable to be present five minutes ahead of time.

To deliver a message to your child at school:

  • Contact the school before one o’clock in the afternoon.
  • Leave the message with the receptionist if the section is not present.
  • We may not be able to deliver messages after the time specified above.


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