Grade 2 Students Buying Vegetables Wednesday 26-Oct-2016

Eat Real Food; You don’t have to eat less; You just have to eat Right

زيارة تدريبية للصليب الاحمر Thursday 20-Oct-2016

استضافت مدرسة الفنون الانجيلية صيدا فريق الصليب الاحمر اللبناني حيث قام مشكورا بتدريب طلاب صف الرابع والخامس اساسي على كيفية القيام بالإسعافات الاولية

Grade 3 visit to the Animal & Marine Museum Thursday 20-Oct-2016

Students were amazed to see one of the biggest sharks in the world, a chicken with 4 legs, a calf with 2 heads and other strange creatures.

Grade 1 students had a trip to Dino City Wednesday 19-Oct-2016

They saw a huge volcano and different kinds of Dinosaurs, but they liked T-Rex the most! It was FUN!

NEIGB students Grade 2 visit Bkassine forest Tuesday 18-Oct-2016

Exploration Is the Essence of the World! Grade 2 explorers went for a hike to investigate new things in Bkassine Pine Reserve! They discovered the bumpy roads, pine trees and cones, thorns, and the healthy nature during hiking.

دعوى لحضور لقاء مع الشيخ جان داوود حول خدمات قسم الارشاد والتوجيه في المدرسة Friday 14-Oct-2016

دعوى لحضور لقاء مع الشيخ جان داوود حول خدمات قسم الارشاد والتوجيه في المدرسة يوم الجمعة في 14-10-2016.

عطلة ذكرى عاشوراء Wednesday 12-Oct-2016

بمناسبة ذكرى عاشوراء تعطل الدراسة يوم الاربعاء الواقع في 12/10/2016

Counseling Department in all Synod Schools Monday 10-Oct-2016

Counseling department has started in all Synod schools providing its services for students, parents and teachers as well. The department aim to maintain the cohesion of our student’s family.

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