Starting New Year Tuesday 01-Sep-2009

Once again we meet at the beginning of a new academic year remembering a previous and successful one. Our results were, as usual, outstanding in official exams and in educational standards. Along with our academic duties, we paid special attentions to extra curricula activities, which act as a prerequisite for building a strong character.

Saifouna Tasali Friday 21-Aug-2009

اختتم مخيم "صيفنا تسالي" نشاطه الصيفي بحفل أقيم في باحة "مدرسة الفنون الإنجيلية الوطنية للبنات والبنين" في صيدا بحضور حشد من الفاعليات الجنوبية وذوي المشاركين.

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